Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide design and general engineering and construction services to our customers at a competitive price, as well as excellence and innovative services and dedication to quality and efficiency, which will ensure our success, growth, and solid hold in the international market place.

To work to build long term partnerships with our customers to provide a partnership with our customers to provide a positive social and economic impact at local regional and global levels.

To be a global leader in value–added engineering {value engineering} construction services and the deployment of innovative technologies and by working hard to collaboratively with our customers and partners not only to give them the best product and series but the right technologies for the job.

We will continuously demonstrate commitment with good will and transparency and accountability in all our Practices and foster respect within the market community to make tangible and lasting contributions to the world we live in.

Quality Policy

UDECM will supply premium quality goods and services to all of our customers by:

· Providing a quality service that complies with or exceeds our customer’s needs.
· Providing a safe working environment for both our employees and all of our customers.
· Providing ongoing education and training programs, based upon the needs of our employees, to meet the expectations of our customers.
· Improving productivity and cost effectiveness through continuous improvements and best practices.
· Encouraging and promoting good communication between our industry and its customers.
· Conduct annual internal audit reviews to maintain or exceed our Quality Policy and Mission Statement.


Achieve and maintain leadership by providing premium services with experienced staff by leveraging the talent or our people who are committed to safety integrity, quality and high performance with our ONE TEAM philosophy to provide premium services and products to our customers at a competitive price.   To be the world leader in alternative solutions that will support of customers and delivery energy and products with award winning design an engineering as the premier EPC provider.

Why Us and What Makes Us Different?

This UDECM philosophy based on belief and proven track record has two distinctive advantages over only design and build companies.

We at UDECM took a critical look at the activities of the end-to-end service and delivery to the industry our design and engineering business model that has proven successful and of value to the customer. This combination of USA standards with the European style of engineering means for the end user gets the quality and workmanship the USA is known for without the high price tag and the political mine field that comes with it. The design process is faster and more cost effected saving large amount of money to the end user. UDECM stands on it track record and has saved up to and more than 50% of design cost to its customers - while insuring that the customer gets a comprehensive and complete design that easy to build off.

What also makes us different over our competitors is during the design phase, our engineering team works along side our construction group and estimators to insure not only do you get value engineering up front but a project that is easy to understand and a level of constructability making construction cost lower and few if any change orders needed due to bad engineering.

UDECM pricing structure is based on the European market and we don’t burden the customer with additional overhead cost necessary in many firms to cover unrelated costs of non-value added support. The challenge for many companies has been to successfully implement the concept into real practice to achieve desired results. UDECM, on the other hand, has been successfully doing this for years and it is part of the integral way we operate.

ONE TEAM: Here at UDECM we perform 85% of the work ourselves and all our key personnel are involved throughout the entire life of the project: from critical decisions to constructability, value engineering, procurement, to executing the construction of the project, and commission of your new facility ensuring it meets and exceeds your requirements.