Alternative Energy

Our alternative energy solutions allow us to support and deliver energy-related projects using engineer-procure-construct (EPC), design-build, and/or bid-build models. We will provide design and construction services for solar, hydroelectric, cogeneration, geothermal, combined-cycle, waste-to-energy, and electric transmission projects.

Dual Axis Tracking Photovoltaic

System Size: 20 MW

Project Scope: The facility is located in the city of Hanford, CA in the area known as the Central Valley, occupying 59 hectares. Completed in September 2013, it generates an estimated 52,000 MWh/year, eliminating the emission of 45,000 tons of CO2 per year. This project is part of the first phase of a five-year 250-MW project.

Solar Zone Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV))

System Size: 2 MW

Project Scope: Project is the center piece of the Solar Zone covering nearly 12 acres of sun drenched Arizona desert with solar resources greater than 2345 KWh/m2. The Solar Zone at the UA Tech Park is a comprehensive and supportive environment where companies can develop, test and demonstrate the next generation of renewable energy products and technologies. The goals of the Solar Zone are to attract private investment; create sustainable, high- wage jobs; develop a skilled workforce; support utility efforts to reduce reliance on fossil fuels; and educate the public on the importance of sustainable energy.

Water Treatment Plant Rooftop Photovoltaic

System Size: 1.1 MW

Project Scope: 4844 230W modules were installed across 3 water storage container caps to form on continuous 1.1MW array field. The design took advantage of an unused and valuable space resource to capture the available sunlight and convert it to energy for use at the facility. The entire project from approval, initial design proposals, final design and procurement, construction and final commissioning was an on-time 6 months.

Calle Real Ground Mount 1 MW Solar PV

System Size: 1.14 MW DC

Project Scope: This project consists of 4,466 255W panels installed on the hillside adjacent to the Calle Real. This site is challenging given the steep slope of the hill and a point of connection over 2,200 feet from the inverters. The AC run crosses several parking lots and a creek. This project is an essential part of the County’s sustainability plan.