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UDECM is leading the world in alternative renewable energy. As a premium Engineering , Procurement and Construction (EPC) company, UDECM is the only EPC company that has leading technology that reduces installation costs, shortens construction timelines, and maximizes flexibility while unleashing solar profits for UDECM clients. UDECM philosophy is to provide clients with quality services that result in cost effective, long lasting and low maintenance renewable systems. This seamless and professional integration of US standards and European methods allows our clients to grow their respective project portfolios faster with lower risk and higher value solutions. UDECM provides wide ranging design-build and contract manufacturing services for the alternative energy and solar developers. Our projects range from highly architectural to large institutional, commercial and utility scale installations.

Optimized Module Design

UDECM worked closely with several industry-leading module manufacturers to develop and optimize the next generation module solution. UDECM design uses less material and eases "constructability", making for a smarter, faster field installation and to further reduce system costs, UDECM's mission is to make solar and other renewable sources the mainstream energy supply. UDECM personnel has engineered the most intelligent system with the most advanced technology available in the global marketplace today. UDECM uses sustainable manufacturing methods that benefit people and the planet. They are designed with precision so our customers benefit from significantly increased energy outputs and lower maintenance and service costs. We call it saving the planet one project at a time. Our mantra: Design intelligently and with your customers top-of-mind. This is how you move an industry forward.

Advanced solutions powered by design innovation

UDECM is the industry leader in solar technology that reduces installation costs, shortens construction timelines, and maximizes solar profits. UDECM starts by listening to our customers. We strive to understand your needs, concerns and desires. UDECM utilizes sophisticated computer-aided design tools and has best-in-class engineers.