Guernsey SS UDECM employees are very dedicated, and highly innovative professionals with over 200 years collective experiences and over 1,000 designs around the globe. UDECM has successfully deployed products around the world with complete customer satisfaction and has representatives to ensure your project meets your standards and our own high expectations.

Innovation from Mother Earth

UDECM innovation and its unique concepts from design constructability to power generation allows our customers to take advantage of knowledge gained on a wide range of project installations – from simple to complex challenges. UDECM has solar expertise in fix tilt, single axis tracker that will pass the test of time in a way no other company can.

UDECM Faster and Smarter

Expert service, only a phone call away. UDECM gets the most out of your project, we guide you through the entire life of the system. From concept and project design to layout optimization, UDECM with you all the way insuring you project gets the most energy yield enhancement, with added value from module integration and mechanical installation, commissioning and ongoing performance monitoring.
Higher Energy Yield - Proven higher energy yield for greater profits.
Rapid Installation - UDECM designs are optimized for constructability and easy mechanical installation with no field welding required.
Low Installation Cost - UDECM's profile design uses less structural steel and foundation materials, significantly reducing costs and environmental impacts.
Optimized Service Performance - UDECM's layouts are optimized for maximum energy yield at each site location.
Low Operating Costs - UDECM's low maintenance with small number of moving parts, and weather-resistant materials significantly reduce system operating expenses.
Robust Construction - Steel construction developed and patented by UDECM that is covered by a 10-year structural warranty with a 20 year option.