UDECM Commitment to Quality

At UDECM, we put COSTUMER'S NEEDS BEFORE PROFITS so you get more than the best, most efficient EPC company on the planet. You also benefit from UDECM commitment to quality in every aspects of the project and everything we do. We provide ongoing education and training programs based upon the needs of your employees to meet the expectations of our customers. Our commitment doesn’t stop there. We improve productivity and cost effectiveness through continuous improvements and best practices. We also encourage and promote good communication between our industry and its customers. Annual internal audits are conducted to maintain or exceed our Quality Policy and Mission Statement.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

All suppliers are required to possess certified quality management systems and are audited by reputable third parties. UDECM works closely with each supplier to develop rigorous component reliability testing protocols and carefully monitors manufactured article quality.

Field Deployment

UDECM's commitment to quality doesn’t stop when the product leaves the factory. Our highly experienced team works with customers every step of the way to ensure successful installation and commissioning, ensuring reliable long-term operation.