Our alternative energy solutions allow us to support and deliver energy-related projects using engineer-procure-construct (EPC), design-build, and/or bid-build models. We will provide design and construction services for solar, hydroelectric, cogeneration, geothermal, combined-cycle, waste-to-energy, and electric transmission projects.

Waste Water Treatment

Offer full-service solutions, which will encompass large drainage, duct banks, ports, sea walls, surface and sub-surface retention ponds, dredging, water lines, pump stations, and sewer line work. We will perform this work for private entities, economic and development authorities, public agencies, and federal state and local governments. This field of work, coupled with the planning and scheduling skills required for such an intricate construction scope, will set UDECM above the rest. Our experienced leadership and crews, as well as our innovative system capabilities, has earned us our success.


UDECM brings an interdisciplinary collaboration and design to our clients with world-class, forward thinking and sustainable medical work places. Our full-service approach has provided benefits to a variety of private and public customers seeking optimized workflow and management. We maintain a laser focus on the future use of the facility and remain mindful of the technological, cultural, energy, commercial, and financial requirements of the community. From local clinics to metropolitan hospitals, our projects are elegant additions to the community.


UDECM offers full-service solutions, which encompass a full design and build capability, including concept design utilizing state of the art 3D computer modeling techniques. Detail design team consisting of 5 CAD stations. Utilizing Autocad 2D and 3D software, and Solidworks 3D modeling package and project planning, we deliver the highest caliber of results. We work with our partners and clients to reduce project costs, optimize schedules, and provide the best resources for specific project needs.